When it comes to your home repairs, you might not have all the answers.  No Leak Home Improvements is here to help alleviate some of the stress and worry associated with your home. 


Below you will find some commonly asked questions.  


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Frequently asked questions

How much does a new roof cost?

There are many factors that will impact the cost you’ll pay. For example, replacement costs vary depending on the materials you'd like to use, the size of your roof and the cost of labor that is needed to replace your roof. We are pleased to offer you a free quote and the best customer service.

What if I have storm damage? Will you fix my roof or siding?

No Leak Home Improvements are experts in roofing and siding repairs due to storm damage. After a big storm passes through you may experience damage to your roof or siding. This is a common problem at homeowners experience. It is important to keep your roof in good condition as even a small leak caused by heavy winds or rains can cause big problems for you and your roof in the future.

Our team works with you or your insurance company to review the damage and place a claim. Most insurance policies limit the amount of time that you have to make a claim after a storm, so it is really important that you act as quickly as possible.

How do I know when my roof needs to be repaired?

Your roof takes on a lot! From harsh Michigan winters with heavy snow to April rain, your roof deals with it all. Our expert No Leak Home Improvements roofing team is here to share our experiences with you to determine if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. The most common signs to look for is a leaky roof, blistering or peeling of interior/exterior paint and loss of old shingles. Get a no cost estimate contact us today.

How long should my roof last?

On average a roof should last approximately 15 to 20 years. If your roof has been properly installed you might need to make minor repairs before then. However, sometimes repairs can add up quickly and it might be most effective to put on a new roof.

Let us offer you a no cost estimate today.

What type of warranty do you offer on your products?

Will you provide me with a free quote or estimate?

No Leak Home Improvements always provides our clients with a free quote! We are here when you are ready to begin your home projects. Get started today.

Why is it important to update the siding on my home?

Replacing your siding may not be top of mind but, it is more important than you might realize. Not only will it give your home a higher curb appeal but, it will eliminate frequent painting, high heating and cooling bills, and fungus, mold, or mildew forming.

Will new windows save me money on my DTE bill?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that you’ll save between $126 to $465 a year by replacing single-pane windows in your home. If you already have double-pane windows in your home, you can still reap some savings by swapping them out for energy-efficient ones, but not as significant an amount. Ready to start saving money? Contact us today for a no cost estimate.