Attic Insulation

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with Attic Insulation Installations from Expert Contractors

Although you rarely see it, attic insulation is a crucial component to saving money on your energy bills!

Attic Insulation Services Livonia MI | No Leak Home Improvements - insulateYour attic houses your family heirlooms and more, but did you know that it also can contain leaks that let in outside air, causing you to crank your AC or heat? It also causes hot air to meet colder air which causes condensation on your home. This, in turn, causes mold growth, and we know that mold is never good! To safeguard your house and to keep your bills low, attic insulation is necessary for keeping your home’s air indoors and the wind outside! At No Leak Home Improvements, our team has over 40 years of experience installing insulation in our clients’ attics. We only use Owens Corning premium blown-in insulation on all of our jobs to match our high quality of installation work! Our team requires a 1,000 square feet minimum for each job.

Check out examples of our attic insulation work on our interactive project map!

Why should you trust No Leak Home Improvements to install your new attic insulation?

After 40 years in the home improvement industry, our team knows the proper way to install your home’s new insulation. Our insulation installers take the time to examine the unique layout of your home, evaluating potential areas of opportunity for leaks. Our product knowledge is incomparable in the area, and after years of working with other brands, we exclusively use Owens Corning products. Choosing another contractor to install your insulation can not only result in a faulty job, but it could also cause your energy bills to increase more than what they were before! More air leaks in your roof cause your HVAC equipment to work twice as hard, and your bills will skyrocket. Fixing this damage is difficult and can be costly, so selecting No Leak Home Improvements to do a thorough insulation installation the first time is imperative!

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